New Start Scotland and the Scottish Business Exhibition November 2012 – by Anthony Pfaff

This entry was posted on Monday, November 19th, 2012

After a gap of a few years I headed back to the New Start Scotland exhibition in Glasgow at the SECC last Thursday/Friday with my colleague Stephen Wilkinson. There had definitely been a bit of shrinkage. It seemed smaller than I remembered it being on my previous visit and it had merged with the Scottish Business Exhibition.

However it was still worth a visit.

I arrived on Thursday for a networking breakfast which appeared to have fallen through the cracks as far as organisation was concerned. After a few of us had wandered around aimlessly for a bit we were herded to the coffee area and handed a Danish pastry and invited to network informally – not quite the croissants and bacon rolls expected – so black mark on that one guys!

The sessions were a mixed bag – some excellent and some a bit lacking in content.

I really got a lot out of the Linked In workshop run by Colin Kelly of NS Design. He demonstrated how powerful a tool Linked in could be for a professional in the right hands. I was impressed. Well worth the hour spent with him.

Special mention also goes to Mike Wilson of All Media Scotland who delivered a presentation on how to craft the perfect media release. There were some good hints and suggestions in that session.

A lot of the remaining seminars were more promotions for the company and/or person delivering them and a bit light on content but, to be fair, I did get some good ideas out of all I attended.

4Networking arranged some speed networking sessions that were worth going to. However as everyone sat in parallel rows you only got a chance to speak to people opposite you as they rotated and not those in the same row as you. Maybe need to think that one out a bit better guys! Still worth the time taken to participate in though.

The exhibition was also a chance to meet old friends and to network with new ones in the coffee area. Good to see Barry Adamson of Adamson Design – an excellent printer and Neil Guthrie of Line 3 Media – who is producing some trippy animated logos.

All in all not a bad use of two days.


  1. Hello Anthony – thanks for this and really glad you enjoyed the talk I gave on Linkedin. All the best with the business. Keep in touch, Colin.