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This entry was posted on Friday, February 15th, 2013


Two great emails arrived at YUVA Consultants recently. We must be doing something right as two of the most viewed profiles in Linkedin are those of our very own Anthony Pfaff and Luke Tracey.

Luke is in the top 5% of viewed profiles out of 200 million profiles and Anthony is in the top 10% – a remarkable achievement considering the numbers involved and the level of activity on Linkedin.

“It shows we must be doing something right,” said Anthony.

Anthony’s own experience came after his decision to take his Linkedin profile seriously, recognising it’s use and power as a marketing tool for himself.

In order to “up the ante”, he completely revamped his profile in September, importantlty adding in a picture (be honest – how many of you don’t even have a picture on your profile!), and coming to terms with the fact that what he was marketing was himself. The profile had to both look good and also, and importantly, reflect his personality.

In our opinion, a lot of professionals view their profile as simply a cv or a list of achievements. That is a limiting approach. Out of 200 million profiles there will be many other people with equally impressive, if not better, credentials being detailed. But only yours will reflect your personality and that has to be your main selling feature.

The results speak for themselves – after months of inactivity, within 24 hours Anthony was contacted by two professionals wanting to connect and do business with him – followed by being told of the activity around his profile in an email last week.

Luke linkedin

Luke Tracey confirmed that he too gets a steady stream of enquiries from his profile! He considers a good Linkedin profile critical to his hospitality career and consulting role with YUVA.

Congratulations to them both!

We are now looking at ways to improve our company profile and generate new followers and would be happy to share the insights we gain in this. You can watch our progress. We are starting out at a low point of only 5 followers.

Do you feel that you need to do more with your profile and Linkedin strategy? Are you even on Linkedin (You should be!)

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