Life Convention Prize

This entry was posted on Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

A visit to stand 12 at the Actuarial Life Convention in Brussels earned me a chance to spin the roulette wheel in Hymans Robertsons’ Wheel of Life game.

I usually enter these games of chance with less than enthusiasm because I never ever win – especially if it is a game which involves skill in golf, tennis or anything that involves coordination. However on this occasion Fortune smiled on me. I drew the top score and for most of the convention I held this spot. A Sony Playstation Vita seemed within my grasp – but then, alas, I heard two others had equalled my score.

This was not good knowing my luck pattern and I lost out in a tie breaker and was relegated to runner up status. Congratulation however to Adele Garner who actually won and snatched victory from me!

I did however win a consolation prize of the largest box of chocolates I have ever received – not good just before Christmas! I was half expecting Belgian chocolates though – to fit the venue of the competition – but in the end it was a good second best with Thorntons supplying the prize.

So thanks to Hymans Robertson – and Karen Brolly from the firm who met me over a coffee in Café Nero to dispense the prize.

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