B2B Roadshow Edinburgh January 2013 – by Anthony Pfaff

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I had the good fortune to attend the B2B Roadshow in Edinburgh at the Capital Hotel.  It was promoted and organized by Janet Torley www.Business50.co.uk  who as ever ran a slick and well oiled operation and ensured value for money – even though it was free to attend the event!

The agenda was jam packed and it was impossible to go to all the talks and speed networking events so I tried to be selective.

The day well started by listening to Derek Robertson of Robertson Training www.robertsontraining.co.uk  who gave an informative, brief and well-timed presentation on how to run meetings.  It ended exactly on 13.30.

Next it was on to a master class delivered by Ross Taylor www.taylor-law.ltd.uk  who gave a presentation on “getting paid” which not only covered the mechanics of what to do when things go wrong but also covered how to not let them go wrong in the first place when drafting an agreement with clients.  It deserved a bigger audience than the 5 of us who attended.

Then it was on to Ben Kench  http://benkench.com/ – the keynote speaker – who spoke to us about Dynamic Business growth.  Ben is an incredibly talented motivational speaker.  The thing that stands out in my mind was that he asked us at the start what was causing us problems with growth and then tailored his presentation to the issues raised – a bespoke presentation to use the new cliché!

If I thought the pace was frantic up until then, then I was mistaken as I indulged in a bit of speed networking led by Janet Torley. If any of you have had bad experiences of speed networking then you have obviously never been to a session run by Janet.  Not only is it well thought out but she also ensures that you network briefly with everyone attending the session – something not all such sessions manage to ensure!

The last session was a windup pep talk by Ben Kench.  Most had left by this time but for those of us who stayed to the end it was well worth the wait.  Ben gave us an overview of how we should be conducting our businesses and areas we should focus on within ourselves.

A hearty congratulations to Janet and all her team who put this together.


Anthony T Pfaff

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