In today’s economic climate, firms are focusing more and more on budgeting and, of course, keeping to budgets – a skill that is often much harder to apply.

“Cuts” is a common buzzword.

YUVA Consultants can help firms plan for the future, balance their budgets and keep to them over the long term.

We use DCF techniques to help our clients plan well into the future and ensure they do not unwittingly stretch themselves beyond their resources and projected cashflows.

This may be critical work when applying for bank loans.

There is always a degree of uncertainty over how things will develop in future but we can monitor progress over time and spot early if things are moving away from target and advise our clients accordingly.

These skills can be applied equally in the Private and Public Sector.

We have also skills in navigating the difficult process of Public Sector tendering. We can advise on how to start and complete the process and can help with the completion of tendering submissions.

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